Black Hat 2019: Semmle at Security Summer Camp

July 26, 2019


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Join us at Black Hat USA, where we are excited to share our vision for Open Security with you. Stop by our booth, and hear how we are empowering product security teams to find critical zero-days and eliminate entire classes of bugs by utilizing advanced variant analysis techniques. Here is a sneak peek at what we have planned:

Presentation "A security researcher's journey: Using one exploitable zero-day to eradicate an entire class of vulnerabilities"

Wednesday, Aug 8th | 11:30am PST | Business Hall Theater A

Semmle CSO, Fermín Serna will demonstrate how to take a proof of concept exploiting a prominent embedded systems project to find other critical variants in the codebase, effectively eliminating the entire class of vulnerability.

One on One Meetings with the Top Security Minds of Semmle

Wednesday, Aug 7th - Thursday, Aug 8th | All Day |

Join one of our executives or security leaders for a personalized meeting to discuss your top-of-mind product security topics. Limited spots available so schedule your meeting now.

The Semmle U-Boot CTF Challenge

Wednesday, Aug 7th - Thursday, Aug 8th | 10am - 6pm PST | Booth #IC2112

Test your vulnerability-hunting skills to find variants of a real vulnerability, and win cool prizes including a pair of Bose noise-canceling headphones.

QL Live Demonstration

Wednesday, Aug 7th - Thursday, Aug 8th | 10am - 6pm PST | Booth #IC2112

Want to learn how to write a query that can find security vulnerabilities in real world codebases? Stop by Booth #IC2112 (right in front of the Innovation Theater), and we’ll teach you how to write simple queries that can be used to find real world security vulnerabilities.

Vulnerability Hunters' Welcome Reception

Wednesday, Aug 7th | 7pm - 10pm PST | Bally's Penthouse Suite

Bug crawl with us! Take a break from the conference chaos, and join Semmle and IOActive for breathtaking views of Las Vegas, security-inspired cocktails and delectable hors d’oeuvres. Save your spot now!

Come visit us at Booth #IC2112 to meet with our team and share tales on the latest in product security.

Not attending Black Hat USA? Keep an eye on our events page to see where we will be next.

Want to learn more about what we do?

At Semmle, we are pioneering new techniques in variant analysis to quickly discover new vulnerabilities and their variants in any codebase within hours rather than weeks. Top security teams at Microsoft, Google and Uber use Semmle to protect their customers.

Our vision is to secure software, together. With over 1,600 QL queries contributed by the Semmle Security Research Team in partnership with our growing customer community, your security team is instantly extended with the capabilities of the top-security researchers on the planet.