Hacktoberfest 2017: Code review help with LGTM

October 01, 2017


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The open source Hacktoberfest festival has started!

As a Hacktoberfest project owner, you will probably need help reviewing pull requests from new contributors, and LGTM can help with that. You can enable LGTM pull request integration for your project to get automated analysis of the new code. Here's an example of how NASA's open source OpenMBEE project uses LGTM.com to assist with reviewing pull requests:

lgtm github pr analysis openmbee

LGTM.com continuously analyzes over 50,000 open source projects; results for your project are probably already available. If your project is not yet analyzed by LGTM, you can add it yourself. It's free for public repositories!

If you're a Hacktoberfest contributor and you're not quite sure where to start, take a look at the alerts that LGTM reports for your favorite project (For example: Galaxy.) The list of alerts is sorted so that the most important alerts are shown first—that's probably a good place to start. Improve the code of your favorite open source project by fixing some alerts, and file a PR! Of course you can do this even if the project does not have pull request integration enabled.

Once you've made your contribution, tell the entire world about it with the #hacktoberfest and #LGTM hashtags on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

Note: This post was originally published on LGTM.com on October 01, 2017